(L) Frank Symons, (R) Jarrid Rich

The legacy of Jarrid's website serves several purposes:

1.  It is a living remembrance for Jarrid's two children, Jaxon and Grace.

2.  Continues Jarrid's passion to help others by raising funds for a cure.

3.  A platform to raise awareness and research funds for Orphan Cancers.

4.  Celebrates the commitment and support of Jarrid's team mates.

5.  Inspiration for YOU to join Jarrid's Team.

I want you to join Jarrid's Team and help us to continue Jarrid's legacy for Together We Pay it Forward.

Whether you are riding to support Orphan Cancers, any other cancer, or want to support the quest for a cure, I welcome riders of any ability to join Jarrid's Team.

The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer is an annual event and Jarrid's Team participates in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada ride. Your participation and funds raised goes to support research, treatment and after care through the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Please email me TODAY to find out how YOU can participate in our 2016ride for a cure!

My name is Frank Symons and I am the captain of Jarrid's Team. I am also Jarrid Rich's godfather.

This website is the result of Jarrid's family wanting to create a legacy for their son, Jarrid Rich, who passed away from an Orphan Cancer, namely, a rare type of soft tissue sarcoma called malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors (MPNST). Jarrid left us at the young age of 28 years on March 7, 2013.